Yosemite - Vernal Fall Trail via Mist Trail

Climb along nature's "giant staircase" where you are rewarded with close-up views of the waterfall and numerous geologic features. Powerful and turbulent, This waterfall will soak you in spring and entice you year-round.


1. Vernal Fall Footbridge      

    Distance: 1.6 mls (2.6 km)     round trip 

    Time: 1-1.5 hours              

    Difficulty: Moderate                                        


2. Top of Vernal Fall

    Distance: 2.4 mi (3.9 km)      round trip 

    Time: 3-4 hours                (via Mist Trail)

    Difficulty: Strenuous 

Carlsbad Caverns - Natural Entrance Trail & Big Room

The Natural Entrance Trailis extremely steep. Depending on if you decide to hike up or down, you gain or lose about 750 feet. The most popular route, the Big Room, is the largest single cave chamber in North America. You will be rewarded with spectacular views, cave formations of all shapes and sizes. The Big Room Trail may be accessed from either the elevator or the bottom of the Natural Entrance Trail.  


    1.  Natural Entrance Trail

         Distance: 1.25 mls (2km)       one way

         Time: 1 hour

         Difficulty: Strenuous

    2.  Big Room Trail

         Distance: 1.25 mls (2km)       Loop

         Time: 1-1.5 hour

         Difficulty: Moderate

    Arches National Park - Delicate Arch Trail

    The Delicate Arch Trail is a short hike in Arches National Park to the most famous natural arch in Utah. Start at the Delicate Arch Trailhead and head east past Wolfe Ranch, then continue this incredible hike up to the Arch.   There is something special about this place that is difficult to describe. Take a seat at the sandstone amphitheater and watch the light play of Delicate Arch. This awe-inspiring sight will remain unforgettable.


      1.  Delicate Arch Trail

           Distance: 3.2 mls   (5.2 km)       round trip

           Time:     3 hours

           Difficulty:  Moderate



      Bryce Canyon - Queens Garden & Navajo Loop Trail Combination

      These are the two most popular routes that descend into the beautiful formations of Bryce Canyon National Park. You pass several impressive groups of hoodoos to a sheltered, partially forested basin, which is surrounded on three sides by a narrow ring of colorful battlements. 


        1.  Queens Garden 


             Distance: 1.8 mls (3.0km)          round trip                             

             Time: 1.5 hour                         

             Difficulty: Moderate 


        2.  Navajo Loop Trail

             Distance: 2.75 mls (4.5 km)        Loop

             Time: 2-3 hours

             Difficulty: Moderate 

        Great Smoky Mountain National Park - Rainbow Falls Trail

        The trail follows the Le Conte Creek, later passing through an area full of rosebay rhododendron, teaberry, and mountain pepper-bush grow. After passing two bridges over the creek, the 80 ft high falls appear, named for the rainbows seen in the mist that is caused by the afternoon sun.


          1.  Rainbow Fall Trail

               Distance: 5.4 mls   (8.7 km)       round trip

               Time:     4-5 hours

               Difficulty:  Moderate



          Canyonlands National Park - Dead Horse Point & Mesa Arch Trail

          Canyonlands National Park in Utah is known for its dramatic desert landscape sculpted by the Colorado River. Two of the must-go destinations in the park are Dead Horse Point Overlook and the short hike to Mesa Arch.


            1.  Dead Horse Point Overlook

                 Distance: 0.5 mls (0.8 km)       

                 Time: 1/2 hour

                 Difficulty: Easy

            2.  Mesa Arch Trail

                 Distance: 1.00 mls (1.6 km)       Loop

                 Time: 1 hour

                 Difficulty: Moderate

            Sedona - Red Rock Wilderness

            This collection of wind and water sculpted mountains and canyons is one of the most magnificent masterpieces of nature in the US. The area is crisscrossed with trails that take you to the most fantastic places, from the deepest canyons to the most striking viewpoints.

            1.  Boynton Canyon hike and Subway Cave

                 Distance: 6.3 mls   (10.0 km)       round trip

                 Time:     4.5 hours

                 Difficulty:  Moderate


            2.  Courthouse Butte Loop Trail & Bell Rock climb

                 Distance: 4.6 mls (7.4 km)       Loop

                 Time: 3.5 hour

                 Difficulty: Moderate

            Chiricahua National Monument -  Echo Canyon LoopTrail

            The Echo Canyon Loop Trail is the most popular hiking trail in Chiricahua National Monument. It follows a rocky ridge past many huge volcanic boulders, some of which form enclosed, cave-like spaces and a narrow, steep-walled passageway. The hoodoos, called "upright rocks" by the Chiricahua Apache, were formed by volcanic eruptions about 27 million years ago. Over time, erosion by wind and water has shaped the formations into what we see today.


              1.  Echo Canyon LoopTrail

                   Distance: 4.0 mls   (6.4 km)       Loop

                   Time:     3 hours

                   Difficulty:  Moderate